Vegetable Soup

special vegan soup of the house made from the best veggie selection of the season

ISK 1690

Lobster Bisque

with langoustine, cream and cognac

ISK 2.590

Beef Carpaccio

served with green salad, olive oil and parmasan cheese

ISK 2390

Icelandic Gravlax

home cured salmon with dill sauce and fresh salad

ISK 2290

Beef Tartar

with pickled cucumber, egg, mustard, capers and sautéed mushrooms

ISK 2390

Cured Lamb

with fresh salad and homemade blueberry jam

ISK 2100

Cheese Plate

selection of Icelandic cheeses with jam, olives and fresh fruits

ISK 1890

Main Courses

BBQ Pork Ribs

with Béarnaise sauce and fries

ISK 3900

Grilled Chicken

marinated with bacon and edamame risotto

ISK 3890

Pan fried fillet of Cod

with pepper sauce and baked potato

ISK 3890

Steak from fillet of Horse

with pepper sauce and baked potato

ISK 4390

Mink Whale Steak

with pepper sauce and baked potato

ISK 4490

Pasta Tagliatelle

with chicken, cream cheese, green salad and parmesan

ISK 3.800

Beef Steak

with redwine sauce and baked potato

ISK 4.590

Lamb Fillet

with red wine sauce and potato gratin

ISK 4.750

Grilled Salmon

served with vegetables, mashed potatoes and brown sauce.

ISK 3.990


Lava Cake

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

ISK 1190

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream

with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

ISK 1190


with chocolate sauce, fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream

ISK 1190

Special Offers

Fish of the day

ISK 2.490

Tasting Menu

Mink Whale, Horse-fillet and Lamb-fillet served with fried vegetables, baked potato and brown sauce.

ISK 4.790

Burger, Salads and Sandwiches

The Hansen Burger

with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, vegetables and fries

ISK 2990

Chicken Salad

with red onion confit, paprika, mango, cucumber, tomato, caramelized almonds, croutons and sauce

ISK 3390

Lobster seafood salad

selection of seafood,served with tomato,cucumber,red onion, confetti, paprika, toast,fries and aioli sauce

ISK 4290

Beef Sandwich

with bacon, vegetables, cheese, béarnaise sauce and  fries

ISK 2890

Vegan Menu

Main Courses

Our special vegan soup

Made from the best veggie selection of the season

1690 ISK

Vegan Steak

Served with roasted sweet potatoes

3900 ISK

Cabbage spaghetti

Served with tomato confit and coconut sauce

3600 ISK

Eggplant lasagna

Served with green salad

3600 ISK

Avocado Burger

With salad, salsa sauce, cheese, vegetables and fries

2900 ISK

Side Dishes

Baked Potato

450 ISK


450 ISK


550 ISK

Green Salad

490 ISK


Red wine sauce, Pepper sauce, Garlic sauce, Chilli sauce and Bearnaise sauce

350 ISK

French fries

Small: 450 ISK

Large: 850 ISK

Baked Potato

450 ISK

Kid's Menu

For kids under the age of 12

Cheeseburger with ketchup and french fries

1200 ISK

Grilled chicken breast with french fries and ketchup

1200 ISK

Pasta with meatballs

1200 ISK