Immunity Menu

Based on each person blood type by Master-Chef Silbene Dias
(under Peter D’Adamo’s Theory)

Dear customers and friends,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce an alternative menu called, Immunity
menu! – This Menu will be an option at A.Hansen, for everyone wishing to eat different and
improve their immunity system.

For those who already know me, since I decided to follow the path of gastronomy that I
prioritize home-made food by using the best ingredients of the season, baking my own
bread, pastas, sauces, hamburgers, cakes, desserts and more …
I always cared about healthy food because of an allergy problem during my childhood that
thankfully I have overcome longtime ago with the right diet.

After exploring the theory of Dr Peter D’Adamo, who believed that each person could have
more immunity and better health if they eat appropriately and according their own blood
type, I decided that it might be the right time to bring this positive thinking and practices to
all of you, the way I know best – through my home-made healthy food.

Despite of being familiar with this subject for some time, only now I found the motivation and
maturity to share everything I have learned throughout the years.
Together with my team, and starting from the actual A.Hansen menu, we matched each
existing ingredient and recipe with all the blood types. We added few new ingredients to
enhance the food properties and voilà… The immunity menu is ready and delicious!

I hope this new concept of eating will help us all to overcome this difficult time, making us
healthier, positive and stronger, so we can move forward with hope in a better future.

Cheers and long life!

Silbene Dias

Blood Type A

People of this type of blood usually suffer from digestive problems along with low levels of intestinal alkaline phosphatase, that make it difficult for Type A to digest and metabolize animal protein and fat so we recommend less meat and more vegetables.

Blood Type B

The only blood type that gets along with milk and dairy products. For Type B the biggest factors in weight gain are corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Each of these foods affect the efficiency of your metabolic process, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia -a severe drop in blood sugar after eating a meal. When you eliminate these foods and begin eating a diet that is right f or your type, you blood sugar levels should remain normal after meals. Another very common food that Type B should avoid is chicken. 

Type AB reflects the mixed inheritance of their A and B genes. They have Type A’s low stomach acid, however, they also have Type B’s adaptation to meats. D’Adamo recommends that Type AB focus on foods such as tofu, seafood, dairy and green vegetables. Dr. D’Adamo recommends smaller and more frequent meals, as they will counteract digestive problems caused by inadequate stomach acid and peptic enzymes

This blood type has a very well-developed ability to digest meals that contain both protein and fat. This is because two chemicals used by the digestive tract, an enzyme called intestinal alkaline phosphatase, and a lipoprotein called ApoB48 are secreted into the digestive tract in much higher amounts by type O’s. These digestive factors greatly enhance the ability of type O to not only metabolize the cholesterolin animal products more efficiently, but also greatly increase their ability to heal their digestive tract and better assimilate calcium. However, these very same strengths come at a cost: in Type O simple carbohydrates, especially from grains, are more easily converted into fats and triglycerides. Many grains also contain reactive proteins called lectins that can ramp up the type O immune system, resulting in unwanted inflammation and auto-immunity

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