We Love Parties!

Banquet Hall A. Hansen is suitable for companies and groups, wedding parties, anniversaries, annual celebrations.

On the upper floor of A. Hansen in Hafnarfjörður there is a beautiful banquet hall that takes up to 100 people. There is a smaller hall on the upper floor as well that in very convenient for meetings and smaller dinner parties.

There is a bar on the upper floor there is access to a sound system for karaoke, speeches and music.  Tables can easily be arranged according to the number of guests attending.

A. Hansen’s catering is known for its varied offering of tasty food. Whether it is tapas for standing parties, a set menu for gala parties or a buffet. We offer great deals on drinks at the bar. The hall is very good for all kinds of festivities, weddings, parties, baptisms. It is possible to rent the hall for day parties without catering.


What characterizes our party service at A.Hansen is that we try to meet the needs of each and every customer and try to be open to all ideas.

Tapas-disher offered for catering

Toast with gravlax, salad and dill sauce Toast with cured lamb,salad and blueberry sauce
Mini burger (meat/chicken) Meat skewers
Chicken skewers
Tiger shrimp skewers
Beef tartar
Toast with tomatos, mozzarella cheese and basil
Dades with bacon Bread with smoked lamb, bean-salad, cucumber, tomatos, eggs and parsley.
Bread with shrimps, eggs,mayo, tomatos and cucumbers.
Smoked Salmon with salad and whole wheat bread Roast beef roll with salad and mango chutney
Egg and herring
Chicken pie
Beef croquette Cold chicken sandwich with green salad and mayo
Chicken drumsticks
Taco (chicken/beef/pork/vegan)
Meat balls with sweet chilli

Vegan Tapas

Mini avocado burger
Mini vegan pasta
Mini vegan pie
Tomato bruchetta
Vegan taco

Sweet Tapas

Skyr panacotta
Chocolate mousse
Crème brulee
Pancake with homemade jam
Strawberry gelatin
Mini chocolatecake
Mini coconut cake
Mini strawberry cake

Soups and bread

Lobster soup
Mushroom soup
Asparagus soup
Sweet potato soup
Tomato soup
Icelandic meat soup
Cauliflower soup
Broccoli soup

The minimum order on tapas is 25 pcs.We offer the mixed plate, Chef’s choice with 50 pcs. for 14,000 kr.


The rent for the smaller hall is 15.000 kr for the first hour and 5.000 kr for every additional hour.

The rent for the bigger hall is 30.000 kr for the first hour and 10.000 kr. For every additional hour.

*Coffee, tea and water is included in the rent.

We offer catering services for meetings. We recommend….

Chocolate cake
Vanilla cake
Coconut cake
Pavlova cake
Pancakes with jam, chocolate and whipped cream
Sandwich with chicken and bacon
Sandwich with chicken and tomato
Sandwich with smoked salmon
Sandwich with ham and cheese
Sandwich with roast beef
Sandwich with pork
Sandwich with tomato and mozzarella
Sandwich with avocado
Sandwich with eggplant