5.490 IKR per person

A. Hansen signature dish

Grilled Lamb fillet, Horse fillet, Entrecote, Chicken, Pork and Fine Sausage with a special spice blend.  The barbecue is served at your table one type at a time with baked potatoe or rice, green salad,  grilled vegetables and sauce.

Grilled pinapple

with cinnamon and whipped cream

Group menu 1

6.900 kr. per person

Icelandic graflax

 Salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill, served with fresh salad and gravlax sauce


with potato gratin, vegetables and red wine sauce

Skyr Panna Cotta

made with Icelandic skyr and berry coulis

Group menu 2

6.900 kr. per person

Lobster Soup

with fish, shrimps and langustine

Beef steak

 with baked potato, vegetables and red wine sauce

Chocolate Mouse

with berry coulis and whipped cream

Christmas Menu

8.900 IKR per person

Special cured sadel of Lamb

with  fresh salad and homemade jam

Lobster Bisque

 with cream and cognac

Beef tenderloin and Prime of lamb

 with pomme Anna, grilled asparagus, sauteed vegetables and Bordeaux sauce

Lava cake

with homemade Vanilla icecream