You have to start some where

Vegetable soup

Vegan soup made from fresh vegetables


Lobster soup

Sewed with fresh fish, shrimps and lobster


Icelandic graflax

Served with dill, dijon sauce, toast and fresh herbs


Beef tartare

Beef tartare sewed with pickled cucumber, egg mustard, capers and toasted mushrooms


Cheese plate

Chesse plate with toast and jam, excellent with a glass of wine


Main courses

This here is the climax of your story

Beef steak

Served with potato gratin, vegetables and red wine sauce


Grilled chicken

Lightly marinated, served with edantame risotto and grilled zucchini



Served with baked potato, vegetables and pepper sauce


Baked cod

Served with baked potato, vegetables and pepper sauce


Bbq Svína Rif

Served with vegetables, french fries and bernais sauce



In iceland, you can drink water straight from the tap, it is the same with our beers!

Chocolate Mouse

Served with a biscuit waffle and wiped cream


Passion fruit mousse



Served with fruits and whipped cream


Vanilla and chocolate ice cream


icelandic skyr with starwberry flavour


More of a burger guy ey?


One is not a burger, try to find out which


Chicken fillet grilled and marinated in fine herbs, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pepper, cucumber, french fries and ketchup


The Hansen burger

with cheese, crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pepper and cucumber, french fries with ketchup


Chicken salad

With tomato, red onion coifit, paprika, mango, cucumbers, dried tomatoes, caramelized almonds, croutons and sauc



You know this one!

Chicken sandwich

With cheese, tomatoes, red union, lettuce, cucumber, paprika and garlic sauce


Lobster sandwich

With tomato slice, green salad and garlic sauce


Grilled beef sandwich

With tomato, red onion, cucumber, mushrooms, crispy bacon and bernes sauce


Aren't you special!

Special country meat

From our finest breweries in iceland among with a few others 


served with potato gratin, vegetables and red wine sauce


Minkwhale Steak

served with Sautéed vegetables,gratin potato and pepper sauce


Spethús Churrasco

From the field of fire in prehistory,man began to roast the meat in this style when he realized that the process made it softer, the technique was improving over time, and today we can enjoy a plate, with fine preparation and spice, with an incomparable flavor

The barbecue is served at your table by our chef,one kind at a time, we have prepared a selection of 6 different types of meat, and served with baked potatoes or rice, green salad, vinagrett and grilled vegetables.

 Lamb fillet, horse fillet, Entrecote, beef steak, chicken and fine sausage.


A.Hansen Christmas Buffet

From our finest breweries in iceland among with a few others 

Salad station

Potato salad
Green salad
Smoked turkey breast salad
Grill tomato and feta cheese salad

Main Station

Honey glazed turkey breast
Crispy pork roast
Slow cooked lamb leg
Steamed cod, with cream sauce


Caramelized potatoes
Brown sauce
Pepper sauce
Red wine sauce

Vegan Station

Green pumpkin lasagne
Buffalo mozzarella and vegetable gratin

Cheese and dessert station

Cheese variety
Chocolat cake
Cheese cake
Coco cream cake