Story of A.Hansen

This house, known as A.Hansen house is of great historic intrest. Since its one of the oldest houses in the town of Hafnarfjörður. The oldest house in town, the residance of noble Bjarni Sivertsen , now the towns museeum is adjuvent to A.Hansen and was built in 1803-1805. Only few steps further is Icelandic Maritime museeum. A. Hansen was built in 1880 by marchant Knudtzon, but his father had taken over the commeree on the site after Sivertsens death in the turn og the century. From 1898 there was frequent change of owners of this house, most being Danish Merchants.

In 1914 Fredinand Hansen began commerce in this house, continued by his son, Hans to the mid sixties. After that, this house served many purposes: Conservatory, upholsterning workshop, sound recordins studio, mission and exclusive mens club to name a few. Few years ago, it was decided to convert A.Hansen house into a resturant, and thus restore the building to its original style. We’ll hope y